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Walrus Audio Iron Horse V2 High Gain Distortion Pedal

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A Classic Sound Distortion Sound Reinvented

The Iron Horse V2 delivers that same thick, punchy tone that the original Iron Horse became known for. The pedal features three distortion modes operated by a toggle switch, enabling you to switch between different clipping diodes to open up a whole world of sonic capabilities. This true bypass pedal is perfect for rock guitarists who need more impact for solos or dense rhythm sounds. With its intuitive three-knob layout, the Iron horse is ideal for any level of player, and allows you to spend more time playing than endlessly trying to find the perfect settings.

Roadworthy Chassis

Like with all pedals from Walrus Audio, the Iron Horse V2 Distortion is complete with a diecast chassis that is perfect for life on the road. Its durable enclosure features incredible artwork from renowned illustrator Adam Forster, depicting a new battle ready stallion cloaked in armour. The Galaxy Gold finish makes the imagery stand out, showing exceptional detail in the black ink design. The build quality of the Iron Horse V2 ensures excellent durability and reliability on the road.

New Updates For Even More Versatility

Whilst the Iron Horse V2 is almost identical to the original, some updates have been added to make it incredibly flexible and expand its portfolio of available tones. With the recreated distortion control range, lower gain distortion tones are even more accessible thanks to a smoothness update. Capable of searing high gain tones, the V2 is also perfect for lower gain dirt. The V2 now also features a stable output, eliminating unintended volume jumps. This is thanks to adjusting the level control, making dialling in unity gain significantly easier, which is perfect for when you're flipping clip-modes. On top of this, the tone control now has an extended treble range, so you have plenty of top-end on tap for any situation. It also allows you to increase/decrease high-end treble frequencies.

Controls & Sockets

  • 9V Jack: The Iron Horse V2 can be powered via a 9V DC Centre Negative PSU, uses Level: This controls the overall output level of the Iron Horse. Received updates to make it much easier to dial in unity gain
  • Tone: Enables specific adjustment of high-end/treble frequencies. Turning this control clockwise will increase the high/treble frequencies, whilst counterclockwise will decrease them. This control has been updated from the V1 to provide even more available treble/high-end
  • Distortion: This adjusts the distortion output. Turning clockwise will increase the amount of distortion in your sound, whilst simultaneously increasing the loudness of your signal and adding thickness and overall harmonic distortion. Counterclockwise will have the opposite effect
  • Mode: Allows you to switch between different arrangements of clipping diodes for a flexible array of distortion tones. Left position provides small amounts of compression, right position is the most available compression, whilst centre position is wide open
  • Input/Output Jacks: 1/4'' input and output for attaching to your guitar, amplifier, or other pedals
  • On/Off True Bypass Footswitch: Rugged footswitch for engaging the effect, or bypassing it


  • Classic high gain distortion tones with flexible tone sculpting capabilities
  • Utilises the genuine rare, legendary LM308 IC op-amp chip in the circuit
  • Wide range of distortion capabilities from low to high gain
  • Three switchable clipping options (Low Compression, High Compression, Wide Open/No Compression)
  • Updated level control with easy to dial in unity gain
  • Adjustable treble/high frequencies with extended treble range
  • True-bypass switching
  • 9V DC, 10mA
  • Hand-made in Oklahoma, USA

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