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Behringer X-Air XR18 mix rack

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Behringer's XR18 is an impressively complete rack mixer with no fewer than 16 microphone inputs and eight separate outputs. It can also be used as an audio interface, making it a great choice for studio and mobile recordings. You can easily control it via a smart phone, tablet or computer, and it even has its own Wi-Fi access point built-in so you can connect automatically. Furthermore, it has no fewer than four internal stereo FX processors (eight mono!) so you can make use of an impressive collection of classic effects.

Behringer X Air XR18: great for versatile technicians

A big, heavy, cumbersome multi-cable won't be necessary with the XR18. It's compatible with iOS and Android, and it can also be used with Mac, Linux and PC, whether you want to connect via wireless internet of a LAN network. There's enough processing power to equip every input signal with a separate gate, 4-band EQ and a compressor. Furthermore, each output channel can be equipped with a 6-band EQ, a compressor and a 31-band EQ. When you use the rack for recording you can use these effects and the built-in FX processor slots in real time. The effects won't affect your computer's CPU either because they work on the internal DSP of the X Air XR18.


The sixteen microphone inputs are equipped with real Midas preamps. Midas is known for producing professional mixing consoles that are used in many large-scale productions. The XR18 also has a MIDI input and output so you can connect your MIDI controller directly; you can easily control the mixer in this way via the Mackie HUI protocol. A separate USB input is also available for easily recording audio to a USB stick. Finally, rack mounts are included in the purchase so you can safely use the XR18 in a rack.


Product features

  • 19 inches19-inch rack mount (included)
  • Number of analogue input channels17 - 24
  • Number of analogue output channels8
  • Number of digital input channels1
  • Number of digital output channels2
  • Number of channels17-32
  • Number of microphone inputs13 - 16
  • AES/EBU I/Ono
  • Digital snakeno
  • Dynamicscompressor, expander, gate, limiter
  • Equalizer4-band parametric, 6-band parametric
  • Input connectorjack (6.3 mm), jack (6.3 mm) + XLR, XLR
  • Built-in audio interfaceUSB (multi track)
  • Built-in audio playerUSB
  • Built-in effectsDSP / misc.
  • Insert connectorsno
  • Level meters on the inputsvia iPad / iPhone / iPod, via Android Device, via PC/Mac
  • Can be controlled remotelyvia iPad, via Ethernet, via Wi-Fi
  • Position of connectorsfront
  • Type of displaynone
  • Expansion optionsnone
  • Output connectorjack (6.3 mm) + XLR
  • Power mixerpower cable
  • Volume controlvia PC / Mac, via iPad / iPhone / iPod, via Android

Weight and dimensions including packaging

  • Weight (incl. packaging)4.3 kg
  • Dimensions (incl. packaging)38.5 x 19.5 x 21.5 cm

Product specifications

  • digital mix rack
  • inputs:
    • 16X XLR/jack combination
    • 2x 6.3mm jack
  • outputs:
    • main: XLR 3-pin (stereo)
    • AUX: 6x XLR 3-pin 
    • headphone: 6.3mm jack (adjusted separately)
  • data:
    • MIDI in/out
    • USB: for USB stick
    • LAN: Wi-Fi Client/Access Point
    • Wi-Fi: integrated
  • processing input channel: gate, 4-band equalizer, compressor
  • processing output channel: 6-band equalizer, compressor, 31-band equalizer
  • effects:
    • LA-2A: compressor
    • 1176LN: compressor
    • Fairchild 670: compressor (mid/side options)
    • EQ1: passive equalizer
    • EQ5: passive equalizer
    • Sub Octaver: sub-bass synthesizer
    • EX1: stereo modulation
    • Sound Maxer: master bus processor
    • Dimensional Chorus: chorus
    • Modulation Delay: delay-based modulation effects
    • Enhancer: master bus processing
    • Exciter: improved clarity
    • TruEQ: 31-band equalizer
    • Vintage Room: vintage reverb
    • Plate Reverb: classic reverb effect
    • 3-Tap Delay: delay
    • Hall Reverb: classic reverb effect
    • Flanger & Delay: modulation effect
    • Wave Designer: transient editor
    • Stereo Precision Limiter: limiterMixers
    • De-esser: removes unwanted 's' sounds
    • Vintage Reverb: classic reverb effect
    • Chorus & Chamber: modulation effect
  • compatible with: iOS, Android, Mac, Linux, PC
  • housing: metal
  • included: rack mounts for 19-inch rack (mixer takes up 4 U)

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