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Audient Sono Amp Modelling Audio Interface

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Warm Tones

Featuring a built-in 12AX7 valve, the Sono Amp interface allows you to capture beautiful analogue warmth, all from a compact desktop unit. The Sono offers that classic analogue tone that you crave. The Sono Interface gives you genuine amp emulation in a tiny housing and is perfect for those running a portable studio. Don't spend precious time setting up microphones and adjust tones on individual amplifiers, trust in Sono to give you the perfect guitar tone every time.

Shape Your Tone

The 3 band eq is perfect for shaping your guitar or basses tone exactly how you want it. Thanks to the built-in hard EQ, any tone is possible. Drive up your low end for a full-bodied guitar tone full of impact or increase the bite of your bass tone to give you a beautiful funk tone, perfect for those slap riffs and quick bass runs. The versatility of the Sono helps set it apart from other audio interfaces.

Incredible Simulation

Audient have teamed up with Two Notes to provide excellent amplifier head and cab simulation. Thanks to the Torpedo Power Amp Modelling and Cab Simulation - built straight into Sono - you can acquire any guitar or bass tone you want all through your desktop or laptop computer. The ultimate recording solution for the portable studio or for those lacking space. The software is able to circumvent a lack of gear to give you total versatility when recording guitar or bass tracks. Change amps and microphones, adjust the placement of mics and even change the recording situation. Live room, bedroom, church, and many more all available to help you shape your tone.


  • Built in 12AX7 Valve
  • 3 band analogue tone control
  • Two Notes Torpedo remote software
    • 8 Live Rooms
    • 8+ Microphones
    • Loads of classic amps and cabs
    • Expanding library of new cabs
  • 3 preset storage
  • Zero Latency Recording
  • Easy pedal board integration
  • Two Audient consolo microphone pre amps
  • Re-amping
  • ADAT exapansion


  • ADAT Input for Expandability
  • Main Speaker Output
  • Independent Headphone Output
  • USB2.0 Compliant
  • 24bit/96khz
  • All-Metal Enclosure
  • Dimensions: 22.8cm (w) x 18.7cm (l)

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