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ART PB4x4 Power Base power distribution unit and stabiliser

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Too many power peaks and surges can be disastrous for electrical devices. That also applies to your 19 inch audio equipment. For that reason, ART Pro Audio have developed the PB4x4 Power Base, which protects your gear from harmful electric surges and power peaks. The PB4x4 is also equipped with built-in RFI and EMI filters that reduce electromagnetic and radio interference. As such, it is a very quiet device, which is great for live PA systems, fixed sound installations, DJ equipment or for your professional or home studio.

PB4x4: 1800 Watt power distribution unit for 8 devices
The PB 4x4 also functions as a high-grade power distribution unit with no less than eight outputs. With its total power capacity of 1800 Watt, it can safely provide your rack equipment with power. There is no more need to work with separate power sockets and extension cables. Loose, long power cables in your flight case are a thing of the past. The front of the PB 4x4 is fitted with an illuminated on/off switch and a reset switch for the built-in 15 Amp circuit breaker. The BP 4x4 has a fully steel chassis and takes up only one unit of space in your 19 inch rack.

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Please note: male - female IEC plugs not included.


Product features

  • On/Off SwitchYes
  • Quantity 230V sockets8
  • Lengthnot applicable
  • Type of female power connectorEuro female IEC C13
  • Type of male power connectorEuro male IEC C14

Weight and dimensions including packaging

  • Weight (incl. packaging)4.0 kg
  • Dimensions (incl. packaging)55.0 x 24.0 x 7.5 cm

Product specifications

- professional 19 inch power distribution unit and stabiliser
- power: 1800 Watt, 15 Amp
- protects your equipment from electric surges and peaks
- built-in RFI and EMI filters
- power distribution unit: 8 outputs (IEC plug female, not included)
- reset switch for the circuit breaker
- illuminated on/off switch
- housing: metal
- size: 19 inch, 1U
- power cable included




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