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Aston Microphones Shield GN Pop Filter

£ 39.00

Ultimate Pop Reduction

The Aston Microphones Shield GN Pop Filter is a premium-grade pop filter, utilising innovative HexTech technology filtering technology. The combination of revolutionary design aspects, provides you with optimal protection from sibilance and plosive noises. This results in a clearer vocal recording, ensuring optimal audio fidelity and performance from your microphone. The innovative design features precisely acid etched hexagonal filter holes providing exceptional acoustic performance. It is engineered to provide a perfect fit on any microphone stand, with a high-quality gooseneck for finding the perfect position for your filtering needs.

Sturdy, Robust Design

The stainless steel construction not only looks sleek but ensures unfaltering reliability, ensuring a long-life and optimal durability. The large surface area curves around the microphone, ensuring the filter eliminates all unwanted vibrations before they hit the mic. The hygienic filter is also washable for added flexibility, allowing you to keep your filter in the best possible shape. The mounting system makes connecting and fitting the filter to your mic stand, a breeze. This allows you to get set up and ready to record within seconds.


  • Ultimate pop reduction
  • Solid stainless steel pop shield with ‘Hextech’ filter holes
  • Ultra-fast mounting system
  • Mounts to any stand
  • Deluxe gooseneck
  • Hygienic washable filter
  • Large surface area

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