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Posted on by Craig Stafford

It’s said that a tidy space is a productive space, this is mostly true for artists, creatives & especially musicians. Having a not so organized studio space with wires all over the floor can soon become a nightmare and probably a health hazard - especially if you are collaborating with other musicians in the space as well & need to get around the studio easily.

It obviously depends on the sort of person you are but we almost guarantee a tidy music studio & organized cables you will feel calmer and better when you enter the studio. Not only that, but it will also save you so much time untangling cables and sorting through random boxes for adaptors and plugs! Time that you can spend working on your songs instead without disrupting your workflow. 

There are many clever tips available online but we have a simple solution - velcro straps for your cables! These little things are easy to use to group together cables & attach to other objects too. Available to buy here:


We hope that these will help you on your way to a more creative, clutter-free space.