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Posted on by Craig Stafford

Should you really be concerned about the lighting in your music studio? Whilst we’re not saying it’s as important as how it sounds (always a crucial aspect!) mood lighting can really transform your workspace because after all, music production is a creative process. 

Once you’ve got your preamps, your monitors, your mixer, your mics and your computer sorted- and even your chair for that matter! Why not take some time to consider the environment around you. 

In our latest blog, we outline the top reasons why you should consider mood lighting for your music studio. 

Let’s start with the basics.. Why are all music studios dark? 

There are three main benefits to having a dark, or dimly lit music studio;

  • A darker studio can help calm and relax the artist, which in turn helps increase their creativity. Many artists find that the more relaxed they are, the more creative they are. 
  • The second benefit is that low lighting minimizes the risk of eye strain and headaches. 
  • The last main benefit is that it can help an artist self-consciously. A studio with very bright lighting may cause the performer to feel more self-conscious if there are other people in the room.

Great lighting can inspire creativity 

Picture this, you’ve invested time and money into the best recording equipment, microphones and mixers. You’re feeling creative so you head to the studio to get mixing.. Turn on the light and!.. There’s nothing worse than having the most incredible gear set up, a great sounding acoustic room, only to turn on an artificial industrial office light to see what’s going on. Definite mood killer. 

Instead, Invest in uplighting, strip lighting, even fairy lights if you must. Make it warm and welcoming, not cold and frightening. Green is good. As is blue! 

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