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Posted on by Gary Kennedy

The latest iteration of sE’s modern classic, the X1


The X1 S is a refined version of sE’s classic X1 condenser, tuned and improved in every way. With a hand-crafted and individually-tuned 1" capsule and the highest dynamic range and SPL handling capabilities in its class, the X1 S has the sound and features you'd expect from a serious high-end studio mic, at only a fraction of the cost.

Only £149.99


X1 S Vocal Pack

The X1 S Vocal Pack also includes a 3-meter XLR cable and sE’s Isolation Pack, a high-performance quick-release shock mount with an integrated adjustable pop filter, providing the isolation and features required for excellent vocal recordings in any situation.

The quick-release mechanism at the base of this shock mount makes it easy to insert and remove a mic – no screws, no hassle, just one twist to secure or release. The integrated metal pop filter can be vertically positioned to accommodate any compatible microphone, or completely removed from the shock mount if desired.

Only £179.99


X1 S Studio Bundle

Including sE’s Isolation Pack, RF-X Reflexion Filter®, and a 3 meter XLR cable, the X1 S Studio Bundle is everything you need to start recording - right now.


In addition to the Isolation Pack, the X1 S Studio Bundle also includes sE’s industry-standard RF-X, letting you get a great sound anywhere, even without a professional vocal booth.


Using the same patented design technology as sE’s original Reflexion Filter® Pro, the RF-X has a lightweight vented body and an efficient clamp assembly for unbeatable performance and ease of use.

Only £249.99