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Posted on by Craig Stafford

Here at Red Apple, we are constantly updating our stock to keep up with the newest innovations in the industry. In this week's blog we round up our favourite trending items- check them out below!

  • Chase Bliss Audio MOOD 

    You'll struggle to find another pedal on the market that's capable of giving you so much in one unit. Because the Chase Bliss Audio Mood provides a huge range of sounds and effects for you to use. And at the heart are the dual channel micro-looper and delay effects. Always listening, the micro loopers will record your signal and allow you to reproduce it in any number of ways. You can then send your audio to the delay channel, providing a variety of ways for you to alter your signal.

    And that's just the beginning. Aside from the micro-looper and delay effects, there are numerous controls, functions, and customisable options that let you shape your sound further. There's tons to play with - this is your new favourite toy.

    Buy it here: https://redappleaudio.co.uk/collections/trending-items/products/chase-bliss-audio-mood

  • Bugera BN410TS 2800W 4 x 10'' Bass Speaker Cabinet

  • The Bugera BN410TS is equipped with 4 10’’ 700 watt Turbosound speakers, delivering an earth shattering 2800 watts of pure tonal power with massive amounts of lows and mids. Along with its 4 incredibly powerful speakers, the amp also features a fully adjustable 1’’ horn driver provides the cabinet with pristine, sparkling highs which can be adjusted via the high-quality rotary attenuator. 

    The speaker cabinet is constructed from a lightweight, sturdy plywood, with a shock proof metal grille and reinforced corners to ensure it survives transportation and protects the internal components from damage. Recessed handles and integrated rollers provide the ultimate portability, ensuring players can easily transport the cab from show to show. 

    Buy it here: https://redappleaudio.co.uk/collections/trending-items/products/bugera-bn410ts-2800w-4-x-10-bass-speaker-cabinet

  • Electro-Harmonix Attack Decay Tape Reverse Simulator

  • The Electro-Harmonix Attack Decay pedal is unlike any other on the market today. With volume envelope manipulation and adjustable attack and decay times, you can create sounds that enhance your creative experience in a new way.

    A reimagined classic from the original pedal, the new generation enhances one of the most sought after pedal of the 1980s with brand new technology and effects! It can produce a single volume like its predecessor, however with the Poly mode engaged on the pedal, you can put separate envelopes on each note that you play! Fully adjustable to create your dream tone, this pedal would be essential in any guitarist's pedalboard!

    Buy it here: https://redappleaudio.co.uk/collections/trending-items/products/electro-harmonix-attack-decay-tape-reverse-simulator


  • Origin Effects RevivalDRIVE Custom 2-Channel Overdrive Pedal
  • Housing an unabridged valve amp-style signal path recreated in analogue electronics, the RevivalDRIVE accurately delivers a wide range of British and American amp tones, from clean to fully cranked. With valve and silicon rectifier channels, a built-in mid boost and unique controls that will tailor its output to the amp you’re using, this may be the last overdrive pedal you will ever need.

    When it comes to overdrive, nothing comes close to the sound of a vintage non-master-volume valve amp. So when we set out to design the RevivalDRIVE, we began by looking not at other pedals but at amps. We listened to and analysed countless classic amps to figure what made them sound so good. Then we figured out how to reproduce not just one but all of those sounds in a pedal, with controls that would allow the player to precisely dial in each one - or to mix and match different elements to create something new.

    Buy it here: https://redappleaudio.co.uk/collections/trending-items/products/origin-effects-revivaldrive-custom-2-channel-overdrive-pedal-pre-order