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Posted on by Gary Kennedy

Link to MPC Touch: http://redappleaudio.co.uk/products/mpc-touch

In creating the MPC Touch Akai Professional have once again established the iconic MPC series as the premier leader in music production technology. Combining the might of a pro-level piece of production gear truly fit to carry the MPC shield with the tactile ease of use found on smartphones and tablets, the Touch is truly a workflow revolution. The MPC Academy video series provides an in-depth overview of the features and benefits of this iconic controller whilst demonstrating how to maximise your production workflow like never before.

MPC Academy | Touch Workflow Pt 1 - Sampling & Editing

In Part 1 of the Touch Workflow video series, we jump headfirst into the MPC Software workflow. The focus is on two of the MPC's core pillars - sampling and sample editing. 

MPC Academy | Touch Workflow Pt 2 - Drum Programs

In Part 2 of our MPC Touch Workflow series, we begin by learning how to calculate the tempo of a sample. We then take a look at how to import individual drum samples to create new drum programs. 

MPC Academy | Touch Workflow Pt 3 - Sequencing

In Part 3 of the Touch workflow series, we look at how to work the Sequencer and get a few tips for keeping your individual tracks organised.

MPC Academy | Touch Workflow Pt 4 - Grid Mode & Saving

In Part 4 of the Touch Workflow series we explore Grid Mode, using our fingers to quickly sequence patterns and edit note info. We also explain the often overlooked but critical process of saving projects and samples.

MPC Academy | Touch Workflow Pt 5 - Keygroups 

In Part 5 of the Touch Workflow series, we explore Keygroup Programs. Keygroups allow you to take a sample and map it across the keys of a MIDI controller, essentially creating a custom virtual instrument. Learn how to create new chromatic instruments out of your favorite samples in this video. 

MPC Academy | Touch Workflow Pt 6 - Program Edit

In Part 6 of the Touch Workflow video series we look at Program Edit mode. In this mode, all parameters can be manipulated, either on the program or individual pad level.

MPC Academy | Touch Workflow Pt 7 - Plugin Programs

In Part 7 of the Touch Workflow series we learn how to incorporate plug-ins into our session. We also take a look at manipulating and correcting MIDI performances using Timing Correct.