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Posted on by Gary Kennedy

The Alesis Forge Electronic drum kit is the ultimate all in one kit for either brand new players that want a digital kit that will stand the test of time, or for more seasoned players that want an instrument for practice at home without annoying the neighbours. The Forge comes with absolutely everything you need to push your skills as far as you want.

Responsive triggers

To capture every characteristic of your playing the Alesis Forge utilises a dual-zone snare pad allowing for excellent accent control when practicing rudiments. This is complimented with 3 single-zone pads for the toms. All are crafted from a thick, durable rubber that can take all the abuse you can throw at them for many years to come.

The Forge comes with 3 mountable cymbals - hi-hat, crash and ride. All three have a thin rubber layer that not only responds realistically to the stick, but is also capable of choke detection to abruptly stop the cymbal sound from ringing out when required.

Powerful sound generation

The brain of the Alesis Forge is loaded with some of the most powerful content to date. 50 factory ready drum kits and 20 user drum kits comprising of 100's of highly detailed sampled sounds are at your mercy. There's something for everyone in here from thunderous rock kits, tight and dark studio kits, pumping EDM kits and everything in-between. The Forge also has a built in metronome to help build up your tempo skills with the best possible accuracy.

Everything you need

The Alesis Forge Electronic Drum Kit is provided along with everything you need to start playing straight out of the box. All cabling comes in one handy 'snake' so that setting up is as simple as it gets. A kick drum pedal, hi-hat pedals, a set of sticks, a tuning key and power supply are all provided so you can begin drumming to your hearts content straight away.

Product Launch Date:
Wednesday 24th February
(shipping Tuesday 23rd February)