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Posted on by Gary Kennedy

About Audient www.audient.com
"Audient was founded in 1997 and has become universally recognised for producing award winning, innovative products for music recording and production. The company is renowned worldwide for delivering quality, affordable products that are in tune with users working preferences and which deliver outstanding audio quality and ergonomic elegance."
What separates Audient interfaces from the rest? 
Audient manufacture professional quality Audio Interfaces and Preamps, using class-a hybrid mic preamps, found in their £30,000 Analogue Recording Consoles.

Ever go anywhere without your laptop charger? iD14 was designed so that you can travel, edit on the road and make music on the go, but for quality recording you’ll always be carrying a mic stand, pop shield, cabling and likely a charger for the computer. Instead of compromising the 48V supply to your mics, Audient chose to ensure that you always get a solid, clean 48V source by providing iD14 with an optional external 12VDC adapter.

Here’s why:

It takes 28% of all available USB bus power to feed one proper phantom microphone. With two mics, that will end up eating 56% of all available power. This will leave only 44% power for sonic performance, all audio stages and digital stuff!! Why compromise the sonics when you’ll likely be plugging in to power somewhere? By using an external adapter for 48V, iD14 provides proper phantom power, meaning your mics will be quieter, capsules polarised correctly and operating with a healthy clean supply.

For most jobs on the move, you can pick up iD14 and run out of the door, but let’s remember - Audient have a quality first approach. Other similar devices may infact compromise the 48V supply as the graph shows to fit everything into a bus-powered arrangement…
Headphone Amp:

In a direct SPL comparison with 32Ω headphones - iD14 or iD22 will often produce 6-8dB more of clean SPL. It sounds wide open, fast and transient. In comparison, other headphone amplifiers may sound round, slow, with a poor stereo image and punch. Even if you just listen for enjoyment, iD14 or iD22 will make for a great hifi upgrade!

Be aware that listening too loud can cause hearing damage. However clean SPL performance means that you can listen with less ear fatigue and increased clarity, which means you can listen quietly and at less risk. Don’t push underpowered headphone amps to their limits.
Analogue to Digital Dynamic Range:

iD22 features 120dB of dynamic range on the AD converter. What does that mean? Well, 120dB is equal to a difference between loudest and quietest signal of 1 MILLION times! This is truly class leading and you won’t find this kind of dynamic range anywhere else on budget converters. Compare to some mastering grade devices that cost £1000+. iD22 can hang with these at a very modest price, and sounds every bit as clear and crisp!
Mic Pre:

The Audient class-a hybrid mic pre has been revered for 20 years. Offering incredible value for money, as a circuit block is can be re-configured and optimised to each condition offering excellent sound quality in a £30,000 console as well as a lower power rail USB audio interface.

It typically offers lower noise, more headroom and low level musical 2nd & 3rd harmonic distortion compared to other basic IC based micpres found in other interfaces. The design is unique to Audient and provides a great platform for recording all styles.
Bonus Features:

Both iD14 and iD22 offer excellent, professional monitor control features such as polarity reverse & sum to mono - great for checking mixes for radio & TV. Speaker switching and hardware cut & dim are available on iD22, whereas iD14 was designed to be a portable production power house with the new ScrollControl feature. ScrollControl allows you to control any parameter that is scroll wheel enabled in your DAW, such as plug-ins, faders and the iD zero-latency mixer application itself.